5 overly optimistic predictions for the Chicago Cubs second half

The Chicago Cubs have the NL Central division within their grasp with an easy schedule going into the trade deadline. Here's some optimistic predictions for the second half.
Baltimore Orioles v Chicago Cubs
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4. The Cubs extend Cody Bellinger

We've already been over the fact that the Cubs need Bellinger on this team not only for this year but for years to come. And that means giving the guy a contract extension after the trade deadline. There will be teams calling to check in on a Bellinger trade, which means that Jed Hoyer will have to resist the urge to move him no matter what the prospect package looks like. I just cannot get behind getting rid of a lefty power bat that can play first base when you already need all of those things.

You have a top center field prospect in Pete Crow-Armstrong that will probably be ready next year so Bellinger can shift over to first base. Sending Bellinger away just makes your path back to the playoffs even harder for 2024. As Bellinger's agent Scott Boras said, it's not every day a 27-year-old former MVP and World Series champion walks through your door. For the love of baseball, do not let Bellinger become the one that got away.