5 overly optimistic predictions for the Chicago Cubs second half

The Chicago Cubs have the NL Central division within their grasp with an easy schedule going into the trade deadline. Here's some optimistic predictions for the second half.

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago Cubs
Baltimore Orioles v Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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5. The Cubs win the NL Central division

The NL Central is not good this year. The Pirates had a hot start but are already falling off, the St. Louis Cardinals just declared themselves sellers at the deadline and the Cincinnati Reds have a hot young offense but very little starting pitching. That leaves the good old Milwaukee Brewers, who will probably emerge as the main contenders for the division down the stretch. And with their ace Brandon Woodruff coming back from the IL very soon, the Cubs will have their hands full with the Milwaukee pitching staff.

But the Cubs have a capable starting pitching staff of their own to lean on and a newly solidified bullpen to boot. The main trick will be for the offense to find some semblance of consistency with runners in scoring position. It wouldn't hurt if Seiya Suzuki and Ian Happ started hitting more home runs too but that doesn't seem likely. We've seen glimpses of this team being able to string together great offensive outbursts and now is the time to do that again. This division is ripe for the taking and the Cubs have the ability and talent to win it.

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