5 overly optimistic predictions for the Chicago Cubs second half

The Chicago Cubs have the NL Central division within their grasp with an easy schedule going into the trade deadline. Here's some optimistic predictions for the second half.

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago Cubs
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3. Christopher Morel hits 30 home runs

Is it bold to say that the guy who already has 15 home runs in the first half will match that number in the second half? At the pace this Cubs' offense produces, nothing is guaranteed so I say yes. While Morel went on one of the best home run streaks in recent memory in May, his power has come back down to Earth recently with just 6 home runs since May 24th. But I have faith in the lad and the team needs him to rake in the final months of the season because nobody else will.

The only other power hitters on the team are Cody Bellinger, who is just getting his groove back after a month-long injury, and Patrick Wisdom who should just take a hike at this point. Morel is the only guy who seems like he can come close to 30 home runs and the only thing standing in his way is Manager David Ross. Ross needs to play Morel every day even when Dansby Swanson returns from his heel injury. And if that means playing him at second base, then maybe they should try moving Nico Hoerner to 3rd to get that consistent playing time for Morel. I think a designated role on the field for Morel would go a long way in him establishing some consistency at the plate.