Cubs’ fans will love Willson Contreras new home run video

Willson Contreras, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Willson Contreras, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Cubs’ Willson Contreras is smoking hot as displayed in a new montage video clip on Twitter. Homers are awesome! Celebrations are careful–but funny!

In a video clip that looks like a home run derby from Willson Contreras, the Chicago Cubs Marquee Sports Network puts a smile on fan’s faces as the Cubs’ new station rolls out the big hits from Contreras over what MLB is calling, ‘summer camp.’

Under a caption of “Willson is a beast!” the Chicago Cubs feisty catcher from Venezuela drills four home runs, including one each off of Chicago Cubs right-handers, Tyler Chatwood and Yu Darvish.

While Contreras needs no help from anyone on the stage or in the spotlight, the real show begins after Contreras has already rounded the bases. You couldn’t have a better example of the quirkiness of this shortened season and the COVID epidemic as players try to find ways to cheer each other on – in the new normal.

Chicago Cubs third baseman, Kris Bryant hilariously flaps his arms in the air looking dejected as if to say,

“Will, this would have been a huge hug for you but is the best I can do in the new normal buddy.”

Contreras comes through his team lines with hands raised high in the air, avoiding contact,  and taking a plethora of elbow taps instead. I thought I saw a five-slapper, but after watching it again – Contreras keeps his hands out of the celebrations.

Either way, it is a little awkward trying to celebrate a dinger off of Darvish when you have to be worried about social distancing! See for yourself…

All hugs aside, if the Cubs can keep Contreras healthy in the shortened season, his offensive power could provide another kick near the middle of the lineup and any cleanup opportunities from DH Kyle Schwarber or Cubs shortstop sensation Javier Baez. With the new “Daily Double” of Bryant and Anthony Rizzo at the top of the order, this could be an offensive fiesta for Contreras.

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In 2016 Contreras had his best season hitting .282, and in 2019 he hit .272. From the looks of his work in this short time, Contreras could be going into another All-Star season. Contreras is currently arbitration-eligible through the year 2022. However, many critics believe he will be traded after the shortened season or earlier, and Cubs catcher Victor Caratini will be moved up as part of the realignment of the team.

For now, Cubs fans can just enjoy a two-time All-Star catcher that is dying to give fans a whole lot of bang this season.

Just save the hug.