Cubs: Who’s in, who’s out as far as the transaction window?

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(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

With a shortened season, who are some Chicago Cubs that we may see dealt during the transaction window. Will Kris Bry ant stay in Chicago?

During the Chicago Cubs shortened season, we will see a transaction window happen. But the real question is, will anybody do anything in that window? If you make a big trade to help your team in the postseason or for a late-season pennant push, will it be worth it? I don’t think so. I don’t think this season will make it far enough to get the full playoff or even start the playoff.

With the way that COVID-19 is spreading again due to states and cities opening up too quickly to save the economy, the season may not be completed. Do I want to see a finished MLB season with a playoff and a World Series? Of course, I do. But will it happen? I don’t think so. With that being said, here are some Chicago Cubs I can see taking a departure from the Windy City this year.

With Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, Kyle Schwarber, and Kris Bryant all hitting the free agency market after 2021. This causes rumors to start to swirl. Bryant has made it clear to all of us he wants to stay in Chicago and continue playing for the Chicago Cubs. But if the Cubs aren’t in the running for a playoff position this year, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see some offers for him.

Yes, it would hurt to see him go, but having to resign multiple All-Star caliber players will be a tough financial burden for the Chicago Cubs who are already in a tight spot financially. Some other names that may end up on the chopping block, in my opinion, are Contreras, Schwarber, and maybe Albert Almora.

Trading Contreras would clear up financial space and may land us a decent name or a young prospect, Schwarber would do the same. And Almora may go just because he has Scott Boras as an agent and wants to fight for more money.

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Guys who won’t be dealt or even talked about, including Rizzo, Baez, and any of our starting pitchers. Rizzo will be a Chicago Cub for life, and that is true in my mind. Baez is too much of a talented player, and the Cubs would waste a generational talent if they got rid of him. And we need to keep our good pitchers because that has been our weakness in the past few years.

What do you think will happen during this year’s transaction window? And who do you think we will see stay and who will be traded?