Chicago Cubs: Yu Darvish is going to start–for now

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs’ Yu Darvish was the most prominent proponent on social media, but he’s going to play. For now. Is he going to play to 60-games?

The Chicago Cubs’ Yu Darvish is going to play. Interesting how you can express concern over the coronavirus when the first case of death hadn’t been reported in the U.S., and before MLB shut the sport down in March–yet you play? He looked like a candidate to opt-out of a shortened season, but he didn’t.

The Diamondbacks’ Mike Leake became the first player to opt-out. The Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross opted out, plus the Rockies’ Ian Desmond. More will come in this pandemic. The Cubs’ Jon Lester and Anthony Rizzo are cancer survivors and are considered ‘high-risk,’ which still require service time and salary. Again, they’re playing.

"“Everyone’s going to come at these decisions from a different angle,” he added, “but i don’t think anyone that plays in the major leagues is going to make that decision lightly. They’re going to make it with a lot of input from probably friends and family and probably from teammates as well.” h/t Gordon Wittenmyer, NBC Sports Chicago"

It’s hard when you don’t know who will opt-out. Four players have done it–and there’s going to be more. Mike Trout is one that comes to mind. His baby is due in August. So will he play till then and opt-out? Who knows–but it’s possible.

Darvish made a trip home to Japan in the winter and expressed concern to Cubs officials–and especially with Asia where the virus had taken hold of the country.

"“I’m really worried about it,” he said in early March."

Rizzo and Lester said they were going to play regardless of it, as their medical backgrounds were not enough to opt-out.

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The Cubs’ Ian Happ, the union representative, said the team and the union would support any player’s decision to opt-out.

So would they support Darvish if he opted out? I’d say so. Even if it’s halfway through the season? (30 games, but still) He tried, and that’s what matters.