Cubs, Marquee Sports Network close to a deal with Comcast

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The Chicago Cubs and Marquee Sports Network are ‘very close’ to a deal with Comcast

The Chicago Cubs, Crane Kenney, are close to finalizing a deal with other carriers–including the Marquee Sports Network. Can I just say Amen? I really thought the owners were going stick me on this one. I really did. But it didn’t happen–well, for now.

Kenney and the team from Comcast–which carries half of the cable homes in Chicago–were in the final stages of a deal before the COVID-19 virus shutdown. But as recently Friday, the two sides exchanged offer sheets, and the two sides would reach an agreement ‘very soon.’

"“The pace has picked up, and we’re optimistic we’ll get some things on here soon,” Kenney said. h/t Mark Gonzalez, Chicago Tribune"

Kenney is very hopeful they’ll get things done. But mayor Lori Lightfoot said she hasn’t spoken with the Cubs about safety protocols. Kenney said guests should wear masks, based on medical professionals. What about eating a hot dog or drinking a beer? Would that be fine based on the ‘medical professionals?’ I’ve got questions.

Also, Kenney said the rooftops across the way from Wrigley Field would be open. The Cubs continue to talk to city officials about reopening Gallagher Way, in a limited capacity. And he said they would do walk-ups and public announcer.

But as far as cardboard cutouts in the stands?

"“We need to create an atmosphere for our players,” Kenney said. “It will be very hard on them without fans in the ballpark.”"

And the 30 home games? Kenney said priority would be for season tickets holders.

Marquee Sports Network and Comcast would be a match made in heaven. I have, so I’m not involved. Living out state lines (North Carolina) is helpful. So an MSN and Comcast aren’t necessary. For Chicagoland viewers? Comcast ties into EVERYTHING Cubs baseball.

Next. What Cubs baseball means to me. dark

But the contract? No Bueno. I don’t know what it’ll be for the remainder of the season. But I don’t want to know. I’ll let the wife know, and she pays it. Wash my hands of all of it, for real. I haven’t seen it in two to three years. I don’t do as much as I used to. When I got the cancer in 2018? I ask for a favor, they answer. No questions asked–including payment.