Chicago Cubs: Yu Darvish and MLB players finally disappoint fans

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Darvish must be scared

Since this is Memorial Day weekend, it reminds me that the military’s got a phrase they use when they’re about to do something ‘real’ scary. Troops will say to each other,

“If you’re scared, say you’re scared.”

The phrase will often cause the person whose about to do something scary to realize it’s not ‘that’ scary and they should get over it. If it is really and truly a frightening situation and the person admits out loud,

“Ok, I’m scared!”

That’s usually all they need to do, to give themselves the confidence to overcome their fear. Basically, by saying their biggest fear out loud, the Troop now has power over it and can face it.

Darvish is walking around talking about the safety of him and the Chicago Cubs staff.

I say, Darvish, if you’re scared, say you’re afraid.

But don’t hide behind the virus as you’re excused for not coming back. People are out there working every day in this pandemic that will never make as much money in their whole life as you will make in one year. They are working daily as essential personnel, making life safe for you and the Cubs staff so you can play baseball again. How about doing something for them like playing ball?