Cubs: Yu Darvish voices concern over 2020 MLB proposal

Yu Darvish, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images)
Yu Darvish, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs’ Yu Darvish voiced concern over the 2020 MLB proposal. Is it safe for players?

The Chicago CubsYu Darvish spoke out on the coronavirus, and the concerns players have with it.  Darvish was clear that he was ‘really worried about it.’ The theory is that the foreign journalists–mostly Japanese–would bring a threat of the coronavirus to Arizona.

And the owners and league executives would not be obligated to attend games. Although ‘essential personnel,’ including airline, hotel and stadium employees–even potential media could be at risk. They also need to clear the ‘second wave’ of the COVID-19 virus until they can high-five and no spitting. Really? No spitting and no high-fiving? No.

"‘In the end, the people who want to play are very low risk compared to the players, and the people who make money. I feel like I’m trying to shield the players and their families so they can’t get away with it.’ h/t Tim Stebbins, NBC Sports Chicago"

The MLB and MLBPA were focusing on health–but no COVID-19 testing? Wait, how do you focus on health, yet don’t test for coronavirus? Oh, no autographs either. I don’t know how many people will be there–if any. But autographs are a no-go. And posing for pictures.

On Wednesday, the state of Illinois reported that the coronavirus took 192 people–the highest in the 24 hours.

"“The story of the virus, infectious diseases and entomology is that there is usually a second wave,” Copeland said. “The numbers drop lower and lower in the summer months, it’s less contagious, and people out there get lulled into the second that social distancing isn’t necessary and other precautions aren’t being taken. And then whamo! You’re hit with that second wave.”"

Well, there you have it. A ‘second wave’ will hit eventually. You get a calmness to it, and then you get hit with it. The MLB and MLBPA have several significant hurdles remaining on the COVID-19 virus pandemic. An 80+ game season would be possible. But considering the complications with it? It doesn’t look good.

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The Cubs’ Kris Bryant, a first-time father, is easily bothered by human touch and coughs and sneezes. He mentioned a ‘bowl’ of 40,000 people in a bowl. But the ‘bowl’ might be empty, except for essential personnel.