Chicago Cubs: Yu Darvish and MLB players finally disappoint fans

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Getting the royal treatment isn’t enough

If any of the MLB players were true patriots, they would be playing already and donating their ‘share’ to the families who lost someone during this virus. Instead of doing something positive during this time, players are hiding behind their agents and blaming the virus and safety.

Some have decided to donate money, masks, and gloves, but you know what? I think America is beyond that stuff right now; fans need players to do their jobs and get on the field.

Darvish recently wrote on his Twitter account as reported by Japan Times:

"“I think it’s basically the same as treating MLB players like fighting dogs…those who are not at risk, who want to make money are causing a big fuss from the outside,” Darvish wrote. “In reality, it is the players and the staff at the games who by competing put themselves and their families at risk. The players and field staff actually fight at the expense of themselves and their families.”"

Don’t you think that’s a little silly to say now? Maybe a month ago, that would have been a valid excuse, but now?

Darvish, you are the Prince of the city of Chicago; people are going to be shuttling you around. You and your family are going to get the best tests available. Everything and every place you go is going to be super-sanitized for fear of the virus. Everything you eat is going to be highly clean and of the best quality. Who are you kidding? You will be treated better once you start playing then you are now!

Now MLB says there will be no fans in the stadium either! How are you fighting for your life, and you are the family’s lives when no one is in the stands? It’s almost like getting the royal treatment isn’t enough for any of the MLB players.