Chicago Cubs: Three reasons Javier Baez will re-sign with the Cubs

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The Chicago Cubs are playing a little COVID-19 cat and mouse with their magical shortstop Javier Baez. Why are the Cubs so confident Baez will stay in Chicago?

The Chicago Cubs’ Javier Baez has a plan to bring himself to the next level, that Jordan-type level, but in the world of professional baseball. You don’t grow up on the streets of Puerto Rico as a little rascal only to become a hero to millions of Latino fans across the world without a drive and a plan. Here are three reasons Baez will re-sign with the Chicago Cubs when the offer is made.

Home is where the heart is

Baez is not only a student of baseball but a student of sports history. He knows that every genuinely great idol is tied to a team. Baez understands that his image, history and magic are all tied to the Chicago Cubs.

He grew up in this organization and, in a sense, feels like he helped build it to where it is today, especially as part of the World Series Championship team. Don’t get me wrong, Baez wants to win many, many more championships for the Cubs, but he ‘really’ feels like this is his home. He helped build it, and now he is ready to show the Cubs front office and owners everything he has learned.

How do I know? If you were just about ready to showcase yourself to your family in what could be the biggest year of your career, wouldn’t you be utterly terrified right now about the season starting up? I mean, what luck? You’re about to sign the deal of your life and the plague of the century shuts down America and baseball.  The biggest fear for ballplayers is the same, however, even when there is no pandemic:

What if I suck?

ESPN Writer Marly Rivera may have caught a glimpse of that fear in Baez recently as talks have heated up about baseball’s return.

"“But this whole situation is making me feel a bit desperate. I’m frustrated because I don’t know what date I’m preparing for. It’s hard to stay ready that way.”"

Baez cares so much about his performance because Chicago is the home that gave Baez life as an MLB player. That means something to him and his legacy. The first reason Baez will re-sign with the Cubs is that they are his family and it’s all he has ever known.

Baez is not a dummy. He also understands his star power and the star power of being part of the Chicago Cubs.