Chicago Cubs: Three reasons Javier Baez will re-sign with the Cubs

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Chicago Cubs: Baez wants to use his star power for good

The next reason may sound a bit egotistical, but Baez knows he’s a superstar. He can’t go anywhere without people going crazy for him and taking his picture and asking for an autograph. Hot Latina mamas are usually jumping over each other to get a selfie and rip his clothes off in hordes of Cubs fan hysteria.

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Why do you think Baez owns a ranch on the top of a mountain in Puerto Rico? Besides getting away from the fans and having a place with a view to work out, Baez said he likes to be alone so he can think and write and try and figure out what adjustments he needs to make in his life.

Baez understands his star power.

Baez knows that his star power and the Chicago Cubs historic star power could make him a modern-day baseball Air Jordan, Sweetness -type icon in Chicago. His nickname “El Mago” is already legendary around Wrigley Field. Just like Air Jordan – who in the world doesn’t know “El Mago”?  Well, if there’s any that don’t – they will.

Baez’s closest friends are players on other teams that don’t even have a fan base deep enough asking for their autograph or showing up for their games.  Being a Chicago Cubs is as good or better than being a Yankee or Red Sock for historical sake.

Baez has been going to the Cubs convention year after year and sees how being a Cub can help provide him a life past baseball. While he acknowledges some former stars have had to play elsewhere and that he may as well, he hopes to be a Cub for life. Jared Wyllys a contributor to Forbes recently confirmed that notion when Baez said:

"“Hopefully it happens, and if not, obviously I’m happy with everything that happened here.” “If it happens, I will be grateful to be a Cub for my entire career,” Baez said."

In early May, Baez and Minnesota Twins pitcher Jose Berrios used that star power to feed hungry kids in Puerto Rico. Baez can see his future where he gives back to his community and maybe helps develop the youth of Puerto Rico. Who knows? Maybe Baez will become the primary Puerto Rico agent to the young kids of his hometown interested in MLB contracts and a future in baseball. Why not? No one knows the kids, the town, or baseball better than Baez.

The second reason Baez will re-sign is that his legacy and fame are tied to Chicago, and Baez knows that if he can stay a Cubs player for his career, it will mean more to his star power in Chicago and around the world and that means helping more people and himself.

The last reason Baez will re-sign with the Cubs has nothing to do with Baez at all but with the Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein and Chicago Cubs General Manager Jed Hoyer and getting the deal done.