Chicago Cubs: The upcoming offseason may be harsher than winter itself

(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs are hoping to finally return to work following the team’s worst offseason of Theo Epstein’s tenure. Could it get any worse later on?

There wasn’t much money to go around as the Chicago Cubs had several needs headed into the offseason. Their bullpen desperately called for upgrades while second base eventually became an issue itself.

After a few months, we finally made it through the offseason. While football usually helped ease the pain of no baseball, that didn’t necessarily help either. At least, it failed to do so for those who were born die-hard Chicago Bears fans as they too struggled to get anything going consistently.

Prior to countries locking down due to the current pandemic, the Cubs held an 8-12 Cactus League record. Despite withstanding a long and cold winter, things weren’t looking all that bad before operations were suspended.

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And now we are going through what some consider a second offseason after a few weeks of baseball. With the MLB Player’s League now concluded, fans have been getting their baseball fix by tuning into KBO (Korean) league games — which usually air around 4:30 am central time.

Entirely too early but when you need your baseball fix, there are sacrifices that can be made. Hopefully, the current proposal will continue to gain momentum, leading to baseball operations returning in the near future.

But what if it doesn’t? There may be a few snags that could lead to the proposed plan from not being approved, leaving the entire 2020 on the backburner. One involving money in general and it’s the most important; as it should be.

The chances of us having to go without this beautiful sport for the rest of the year is highly unlikely. Both sides want things to go back to the way they were (despite a shortened season) before we were ordered to stay at home.

If the situation reaches a stand-still then Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are going to have some rather tough choices to make yet again. A decision regarding Jon Lester will be made and of course, rumors involving their “young” core will resurface.

Something that can be difficult to talk about given the amount of talent each one of the original core possesses.

Either way, it will be difficult for this club to keep everyone on the team for the next five to six years. With that said, one of them may end up being moved during the winter meetings. Insert more frustration than before if there is no baseball until next March.

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Imagine going the next nine to ten months without jaw-dropping defensive plays, filthy pitches, and bat flips that send crowds into a frenzy. Time would surely drag making the upcoming offseason one of the harshest in recent history.