Chicago Cubs: A guide through Sloan Park and Spring Training 2019

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Chicago Cubs Spring Training is finally here! Check out this quick look at the Cubs facility, Sloan Park and this year’s Spring Training highlights.

If you’re heading to Mesa, AZ and Sloan Park for Spring Training, here are just a few traveler’s hints from when I visited Sloan Park several months ago and things I was told from the staff about Spring Training. To learn more about the Arizona League Cubs and Sloan Park, see my article from this past summer’s visit,  “Chicago Cubs: There’s some great baseball to be had at Sloan Park” Right now, lets dig into the things you should know about this year’s Spring Training at the Cubs facility and Sloan Park, Mesa, Arizona.

Sloan Park is located at 2330 Rio Salado Parkway in Mesa. The park itself is like a smaller, modern-day Wrigley Field. It opened in 2014 and is primarily operated by the Chicago Cubs for Spring training and then the Arizona League Cubs after that. Parking in the general lot will cost you $5, and reserved spaces close to the ballpark are $10. The walk is easy and close enough to park anywhere, but then again $10 reserved parking is pretty cheap by Chicago standards.

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With its green iron and brick interior, the sounds of the heartland echo along the promenade as you enter the park from the first base/ right field gate and see the red Wrigley sign represented there.

An excellent place for a snapshot of the whole family (but selfie sticks are not allowed – ask a passerby to snap one of you – everyone is friendly at Sloan Park!).

Of course, you can enter through the outfield as well but it good to know that things like umbrellas are not permitted as it can get quite sunny for those not used to the intense Arizona sunshine or frequent showers this time of year. You may want to avoid the outfield or berm and sit in a covered seat. The Sloan Park website can guide you to shaded seats.

Some other things prohibited in the stadium: folding chairs, those sitting on the berm have to sit on the grass or a blanket. No outside beverages to include soda, beer or alcohol. Water in a clear unopened plastic bottle is permitted! Throughout spring training the temperatures should be in the 66-degree range during the afternoon and get into the 40s/50s in the evenings, so it’s advisable to bring a light blanket and dress in layers.

Now for the important information in date order compliments of

The Cubs pitchers and catchers will report to Cubs training facility on Feb. 12, but the first workout begins on Wednesday, Feb.13. The rest of Cubs will show up on Sunday the 17th and bright and early Monday morning Feb. 18, the first team workout will take place. The coolest thing: fans are permitted to attend the workouts. See all your favorite Cubs from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on non-gamedays reports

The first game in Sloan this year will be against the Brewers on Feb. 23, and the first televised home game will be against the Brewers on March 2 according to Last year the Cubs played at the Spring Training facility of the Boston Red Sox, in Fort Myers, Fla.,  but this year the Cubs will play host to the chowder boys as the Red Sox visit Sloan Park for a two-game series March 25-26 as reported on also pointed out some new faces and top prospects to look out for when you visit to include new infielder Daniel Descalso, SS Nico Hoerner, RHP Dakota Mekkes, RHP Adbert Alzolay. I would also keep your eyes out for Brennan Davis, 2nd overall pick in 2018.

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The best thing about Spring Training is the incredible access you have to see and maybe even interact with some of your favorite Cub players. Folks have told me it isn’t uncommon to see players shopping in the nearby Riverview Park area, whether it be going to Starbucks, picking up something at Walmart or grabbing a bite at Chick-fil-A, you can’t beat the access during Spring Training, and all the Cubs are there.

It’s almost game time.