Chicago Cubs: There’s some great baseball to be had at Sloan Park

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Chicago Cubs fans tired of paying insane ticket prices to watch great baseball have an alternative. That comes in the form of free baseball at Sloan Park.

Many people think that a Major League ballpark is the epitome of the baseball experience. And, for Chicago Cubs fans, Wrigley Field is a hallowed ground that takes one back to yesteryear.

I tend to disagree but I’ll admit it’s about expectations.

What do you expect from the perfect baseball game experience?

My quick list goes something like this: great baseball, your team wins, superior atmosphere, good to great seats, tasty food, decent parking or access and the amenities. The amenities could be catching a foul ball, getting an autograph, meeting the players, winning a raffle or getting a door-prize.

My family recently spent several nights at Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona watching the Rookie League Cubs teams.

I found the entire week’s experience of attending games at Sloan Park to be unpolished, unblemished, pure baseball and one of the best times I’ve had at a ballpark in many years.