Chicago Cubs: Looking at potential postseason scenarios

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Looking at how it can play out

Right now has the Cubs at a 100 percent chance to play past the regular season, whether it be Wild Card or as a division winner. Absolute catastrophic events would have to take place for the Cubs’ season to end on September 30. It is really a matter of if they win the division or not.

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As stated in a previous article, it is really in best interest for the Cubs to make the postseason via division title. While the Brewers gained ground the past few days, the chances that the Cubs win the division are still high currently. has their chances at 80.7 percent before Saturday night’s game.

Looking at it mathematically, if the Cubs can go 5-4 the rest of the way, the Brewers would need to lose two games or less. Heck, if they go 4-5 then four more Brewers losses would still equal a division title.

Is it possible for the Brewers to catch and pass the Cubs? Yes, it certainly is. Do not be surprised if the division title comes down to the final three games against the Cardinals. In the end the Cubs have to take matters into their own hands.

Winning 95 games should absolutely be enough to seal a title, unless the Brewers go on an unreal winning streak to finish the season. If that happens, then well…good for them. They earned it. One thing is for sure the Cubs cannot afford to fold here and win less than four games the rest of the season if they want a division title.