Chicago Cubs: Fan’s Weekend means we get to pick the nicknames

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Chicago Cubs: 2018 Fan’s Weekend Pitchers nicknames

Mike Montgomery (Biz) – What I like about Mike’s pitching is that he goes to work like it’s not personal, it’s just business. He gets in a slump, he gets himself out. He starts nailing it, he kills it permanently. He used to be much more unpredictable but now it’s just another day at the office.

Brandon Morrow (Devastation) – The devastation might have been to his own body as Morrow has been out multiple times with injuries. Going in, Epstein knew his closer would need lots of rest. But when will he be back?  Part of me thinks this is an Epstein-Maddon plan to rest Morrow until the postseason and then Morrow appears dealing out domination to hitters. The team needs to get Morrow back to complete his pitching dominance or it will be Epstein’s devastation.

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Steve Cishek (Killer) – Now this may seem like too obvious a nickname or one that almost anyone could get but Cishek has been setting down batters like it’s going out of style with a 1.68 ERA and 66 strikeouts in 59 innings. He has been amazing this season and when the Cubs go to the postseason, it will be Cishek getting us through the tough innings.

Brandon Kintzler (Blue Baron) – Kintzler came to the Cubs from the Washington Nationals. His performance so far has been just… okay. Knowing what Kintzler did in Washington, it must be just a matter of time before Kintzler is killing it like the Red…uh, that is the “Blue Baron” on the mound.

Pedro Strop (Teaser) – Pedro loves to tease the strike zone when he pitches and batters have been falling for it left and right this season. You think that slider might hang out in the zone, but you swing and next thing you know, Willson Contreras catches it in the opposing batter’s box.

Carl Edwards Jr. (Cold Brew) – Yes, that’s what I want to drink when Edward’s pitches. Edwards up and down journey does not instill trust. When Edwards is on, he is awesome. He can be cold as ice up there on the mound and doing it one, two, three like he showcased this week.  Other times, it’s like a bubbling brew ready to explode with walks and flirtation with disaster.

Jesse Chavez (Shades) – He can wear whatever he wants the way he is throwing the ball. Period.

Justin Wilson (Jussey James) – Another cowboy reference from our bullpen due to the fact that Wilson slings the 94 MPH four-seam heater like a pistolero. Wilson is 4-3 with 60 strikeouts and only 30 walks.

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