Chicago Cubs: Fan’s Weekend means we get to pick the nicknames

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Chicago Cubs: 2018 Fan’s Weekend catcher’s and pitcher’s nicknames

Willson Contreras (The Arm) – Contreras may jump around like the Beast, but his small compact frame packs a mighty arm. Ask any opposing baserunner looking to take a bag or a guy who was sleeping off first – they’ll attest to this nickname in a heartbeat.

Victor Caratini (Chameleon) – This guy has played catcher 23 times, first base 15 times, third base twice and who knows what’s next? Recalled what seems like a million times from Triple-A, we’re hoping he stays this time. Caratini is this young team’s Chameleon. – adaptable to any situation.

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Jon Lester (Puncher) – This guy fights his way through innings. He is out there on the mound scrapping with batters and baserunners alike. I love it when he throws out those dopes at first base. Even better is when he delivers that knockout punch to a team’s hopes on an afternoon at Wrigley.

Kyle Hendricks (First) – It’s no secret that the first innings of games have been killing Hendricks all season. The good thing is, in the successive innings he usually wins! Lately he’s been using, “First” as his mantra getting through batters easily in the opening inning.

Yu Darvish (Promise) – Darvish’s promise for the future, meaning next year, is clearly unknown. The big right-hander  promises to be back better than ever. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are hopeful because they have five more years and $100 million sunk into this promise.

Cole Hamels (Mechanic) – Hamels is like an assassin on the mound. Through 39 innings, Hamels has just a 0.69 ERA with a 38-to-11 K/BB ratio and no home runs allowed. The acquisition of Hamels is easily one of the best complimentary moves the Cubs made this season. This guy knows hitters inside and out much the same as a mechanic knows what’s under the hood.

Jose Quintana (Desperado) – As Quintana stands with his squared shoulders facing batters, he reminds me of the gunslingers from the Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood movies of old. He has had a tough time this season but  I know the gunslinger is ready to punish more batters before the show ends.

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