Chicago Cubs: Fan’s Weekend means we get to pick the nicknames

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Chicago Cubs: 2018 Fan’s Weekend Outfield nicknames

Kyle Schwarber (Bub) – Don’t think I haven’t noticed that Kyle has put on a little weight since spring training when he was lean and mean. My first report for the Crib was on how he had transformed himself. However, how could I throw stones since I also predicted 40 home runs for him and he is sitting at 24. Kyle needs six more to tie last year’s career-high and he’s well on his way to do that. I love his aggressive hitting style but he hasn’t earned, “Babe” just yet.

Ian Happ (Ivy) – Happ has made some of the most amazing catches this year while banging his body into the brick hiding under the Ivy. Some of that’s gotta be rubbing off on him, right?

Jason Heyward (Responder) – Time and time again, Heyward answers the call. His batting is off and he responds by getting hot.  His team needs a hit and he responds. The team needs a play in the outfield? You guessed it – he responds.

Albert Almora (Animal) – Albert has earned the Animal title from the amazing plays he has made this season in the outfield. There is no doubt that Almora gives his entire body to the game when he is on the field. He attacks every play with a primal ferocity that makes him elite.