Chicago Cubs series preview: Are Atlanta Braves remedy for average start?

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Three games against a young Atlanta Braves team could be the perfect solution to jump-start an inconsistent Chicago Cubs’ offense.

Between playing nine-straight road games and having two games postponed (due to rain and snow, respectively), the Cubs’ 2018 season is off to an odd start.

At 6-6, it is safe to say the Cubs’ record is not as strong as expected. Not only does the team look championship-caliber on paper, but they have not had the toughest schedule thus far.

The Cubs have played the Miami Marlins (four times), Cincinnati Reds (once), Milwaukee Brewers (four times) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (three times).

Realistically, the Brewers are the only team mentioned that is expected to compete for a playoff spot in 2018. In fact, both the Marlins and Reds have gone 1-7 since last playing the Cubs. Basically, the three of the Cubs’ six losses came against subpar opponents.

Things seemed to be trending upwards for the Cubs after taking three-of-four from the Brewers. Of course, they then lost two-of-three to the Pirates (9-3) this week, halting that momentum.

Many (Cubbies Crib included) predicted the Pirates to struggle in 2018. This could still be the case, but at this point, the Cubs lost two games to what looks like a good Pittsburgh team. Only time will tell if this is the case, though.

All is not lost, however. The Cubs have 150 games left to play, starting with three at home this weekend against the Atlanta Braves. Let’s look ahead and see what to expect this weekend.