Chicago Cubs: Maddon happy team there to support Baez

CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 11: Javier Baez
CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 11: Javier Baez /

The Chicago Cubs’ Joe Maddon didn’t see when Javier Baez did run to first. But what he was happy about was his team coming to his aide.

The Chicago Cubs’ Joe Maddon was lost in his thoughts and didn’t see the Javier Baez at-bat. It seemed innocent enough. Baez was in-between homers at the time, and took a swing at the first pitch, popping it up. It was after that when things went awry for Baez. He flung his bat towards the dugout and didn’t really hustle to first.

It was between innings when a Cubs player–one who doesn’t want to be named–pointed out to Baez his mistake on not running out the play. The toss of the bat is what upset Baez, himself. It’s not something he wants to be known for.

Calling himself out

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"One of my teammates came up to me and said it in a good way, and I learned from it, After I hit that (pop-up) I was mad about it. Not about the (pop-up) but the way I looked in front of the kids and anyone who follows me."

Baez immediately called himself out and wanted to be sure he didn’t let that happen again. Of course, Clint Hurdle couldn’t help himself.

Where is the respect for the game? Hurdle said. He’s hit four homers in two days, does that mean you can take your bat and throw it 15-20 feet in the air when you pop up like you should have hit your fifth home run? I would bet that men went over and talked to him because I believe they’ve got a group there that speaks truth to power.

Get off my grass

While Hurdle does have a point, Baez quickly took it to himself. Besides, wasn’t it Hurdle who had his pitcher throw at Jake Arrieta in the Wild Card game? It’s one thing to speak of unwritten rules. It’s another to make a point of it–while speaking of them.

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It seems like Baez is a magnet for this type of stuff. And part of it is his flair for the game. But at the same time, people within the organization aren’t trying to “dampen” Baez’s fun. They’re simply trying to control it to a point that it’s exciting but under control.