Chicago Cubs Predictions: Looking to the 2018 season

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Chicago Cubs
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It’s once again that time. Our yearly picks for the Chicago Cubs and the 2018 season. We are VERY fond of the Cubs, let that be known. But they are also an excellent team.

As we put together this list of predictions for the Chicago Cubs and the 2018 season, I was surprised to see some interesting picks. First, only two of us picked the Houston Astros to return–and win–in the World Series. Either we believe in the “World Series hangover,” or Dallas Keuchel rubbed us the wrong way with his comments. Either way, we aren’t buying the Astros returning.

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When it comes to the NL Central, it’s unanimous. The Cubs should win the division. By how much is unknown. But every one of us picked the Cubs. Now, some might say, “Duh, you’re a Cubs site.” That’s only half true. The Cubs are a strong team again this season. While they don’t have strong depth in the minors, they still have it.

So enough with my ramblings. Let’s get into the predictions, as we take a look at the Central standings, the NLCS and ALCS, winner of the World Series and some individual awards at the end of the post. Spoiler. For the most part, we’re buying Ronald Acuna. But then again, who isn’t?

Anyhow, let’s get on to the first group of our picks, in no particular order.