Chicago Cubs News: Baez trade rumors, The dangerous waiting game

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The Chicago Cubs are well aware of what they have in Javier Baez, as rumors of a trade swirl. And the Cubs might be waiting for the market to “set itself”, but it’s a dangerous game to wait too long.

The Chicago Cubs continue to hear the same names mentioned in trade rumors, but how can you not? The young players on the team should expect it, but also understand that not everything you hear is true. This is sort of how the offseason rumors and speculation works. But when it comes to Javier Baez, I don’t think there can be a more likable player than Javy. And where would we have been without him last year? In a world where Mike Freeman was your shortstop. Let that sink in for a little bit.

The free agent season doesn’t pick up until the Winter Meetings, but even by that standard, it’s been slow. Only three players have signed, with Doug Fister being the biggest so far. The Cubs may be waiting out the Shohei Otani move, or maybe even Giancarlo Stanton to see if the Cards do indeed get him. But if they wait too long, they’ll find themselves being forced into a position they don’t want to be in.

The Tampa Bay Rays are looking towards another rebuild, and the Cubs have the pieces they might be looking for. Sounds like a deal for both team, right? On the surface, it would appear that way. The Cubs have the young, controllable position players while the Rays look to have the pitching. But while they may seem like a reliable trade partner, the Cubs might not be willing to deal the talent they have just yet.

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