Pete Crow-Armstrong's hot start is a reminder about Chicago Cubs future

Pete Crow-Armstrong has been quick to show changes to his offensive profile.
2024 Chicago Cubs Spring Training
2024 Chicago Cubs Spring Training / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages

There may have been a case of prospect fatigue that set in for Chicago Cubs fans with regard to Pete Crow-Armstrong.

Crow-Armstrong went hitless in 19 plate appearances at the Major League level last September when former Cubs' manager David Ross only played him on days that did not end in y.

The return of Cody Bellinger this off-season along with the acquisition of Michael Busch made it clear in Spring Training that Crow-Armstrong would begin the season with Triple-A Iowa as he continues to work on adjustments to his offensive approach.

The early adjustments seem to be paying off for Crow-Armstrong as he is off to a terrific start with the I-Cubs.

Pete Crow-Armstrong is still an important piece in the Chicago Cubs' future.

Through his first 28 plate appearances with the Iowa Cubs this season, Crow-Armstrong is slashing .308/.357/.654 with a 159 wRC+. What's been most impressive is that Crow-Armstrong only has 6 strikeouts through those 28 plate appearances to open the Triple-A season.

Crow-Armstrong's ability to limit the strikeouts is what will have him on a path back to Wrigley Field sooner rather than later. Crow-Armstrong, whether through injury or his own production, is going to have meaningful at-bats at the Major League level this season.

What can not be overstated is that the Cubs' top prospects are going to benefit from Craig Counsell being the manager at the Major League level in place of Ross. While the Cubs are expected to win the National League Central this season and Counsell is a large part of the reason why that expectation is in place, the former Milwaukee Brewers' manager has routinely relied on prospects with the Brewers in the past as a way to win games at the Major League level.

When Crow-Armstrong returns to the Major League level, the Cubs' top prospect is going to get regular playing time and that will be the right move.

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