The Chicago Cubs made the right roster move with this top prospect

Pete Crow-Armstrong is starting the season in the right place.

2024 Chicago Cubs Spring Training
2024 Chicago Cubs Spring Training / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages

The Chicago Cubs began their preparations for Opening Day on Friday when the team announced the first strong of cuts from the Major League Roster.

Included in the first slate of roster moves was the Cubs re-assigning top prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong to Triple-A Iowa.

While the Cubs' plans at the start of the off-season may have been preparing for Crow-Armstrong to take over in center field, the team was able to bring back Cody Bellinger on a three-year deal.

Bellinger's deal with the Cubs is structured in a way that he has the ability to opt-out of the contract after each the 2024 and 2025 season.

Bellinger's return was an important development for Crow-Armstrong. While the talks of Crow-Armstrong being a bust after going hitless at the Major League level last September is an over-reaction, the fact remains that the Cubs' top prospect could use a softer landing at the Major League level.

That would be the reason why Crow-Armstrong opening the season with the Iowa Cubs should come as no surprise.

Pete Crow-Armstrong is in the perfect spot while opening the season in Triple-A.

Prior to his debut last September, Crow-Armstrong slashed .271/.350/.479 with a 106 wRC+ through 158 plate appearances with the I-Cubs. It was the first sign of Crow-Armstrong showing that there may be some tweaking needed for his offensive profile.

Those changes have led to an altered stance for Crow-Armstrong, as has been seen during Spring Training games this season, but the Cubs' prospect is still in the middle of those adjustments. Crow-Armstrong has been limited to 4 hits through 27 plate appearances this Spring.

Rather than have Crow-Armstrong make those adjustments on the fly at the Major League level for a team trying to contend, the best spot is for him to open the season in Iowa. The goal is for Crow-Armstrong to dominate at the Triple-A level and make the decision easy for the Cubs' front office. It's a similar position Christopher Morel was in at the start of the 2023 season and now he is in a position to be one of the team's leading contributors in 2024.

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