Miguel Amaya and Yan Gomes are adding a major need to Chicago Cubs roster

The Cubs need more from their catching tandem that is current showing no signs of life.
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
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One of the biggest questions that was going to be answered for the Chicago Cubs during the 2024 season was whether or not Miguel Amaya would establish himself as the long-term answer for the team at catcher.

Amaya had a roller-coaster experience in terms of his ascension to the Major League level last season. He overcame multiple injuries in recent seasons to end 2023 with an arrow pointing upward in terms of his projection at the Major League level.

With Yan Gomes experiencing an offensive resurgence in 2023, the Cubs felt comfortable with their catching tandem entering 2024 with the hope that Amaya would take over as the primary backstop.

While there still is time for Amaya to turn his season around, the early results are concerning. Through his first 112 plate appearances this season, Amaya is slashing .182/.252/.283 with a wRC+ of 56.

Amaya doesn't have the defensive numbers to fall back on in terms of a reason to be encouraged about what the future may hold. According to Baseball Savant, Amaya's blocks per average grade are in the Top-85th percentile, but his caught stealing and framing above-average grades are among the worst in Major League Baseball.

The Chicago Cubs need more from their catching tandem.

Gomes hasn't been much better either. Gomes' defensive metrics are just as bad as Amaya's, grading in the bottom two percentile in terms of framing. Gomes' offensive production has been non-existent this season as he is slashing .182/.191/.288 with a 32 wRC+.

In terms of a starting catcher, a team will either want an offensive-minded catcher who may be a liability on defense or a defensive-minded catcher who may be a liability on offense. For the Cubs, each of their catchers is a liability on offense and defense.

The production that the Cubs are getting from their catchers is not sustainable. The Cubs do not appear to have another solution internally as neither Pablo Aliendo nor Moises Ballesteros are close to being ready for the Major League level.

Assuming the Cubs remain in contention, an upgrade at catcher may be a pursuit at the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline in July.