Chicago Sports talk show host does not pull punches in critically honest Cubs take

The conversation in which the Cubs are mentioned in is getting more critical.
Chicago Cubs Introduce Shōta Imanaga
Chicago Cubs Introduce Shōta Imanaga / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

Whenever Chicago Cubs' president of baseball operations, Jed Hoyer, provides an update on where things stand on the season, Hoyer speaks from a place where he is acting like the Cubs deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Hoyer speaks as if he constructed a roster last season that was not, one point, 10 games under .500 and needed to play above their projections only to finish the 2023 season on the outside in terms of the postseason picture,

Rather than put the blame on his band-aid approach to constructing a team in the third-largest market in Major League Baseball, Hoyer all but indicated David Ross was the problem when he brought in Craig Counsell as the team's new manager.

The decision to fire Ross and bring in Counsell was a stroke of boldness that Hoyer has been afraid of making with the Cubs' roster. That is why the offseason left an undesired taste for many Cubs fans, as the team had a roster that, if one squinted, could be a postseason, but it was more a question than a certainty.

The Cubs do not deserve the benefit of doubt.

The last time that the Cubs had a great roster to open the season was in 2017. The last time the Cubs had a good roster to open the season was in 2018. Neither adjective can be used to describe the Cubs teams under Hoyer and that is why 670 The Score's Danny Parkins was spot-on with his honest review of who the Cubs are this season.

Hoyer's arrogance when talking about the "back of the player's baseball cards" will prove hollow if the Cubs miss the postseason for the fourth consecutive year. The back of the baseball card for the players on the Cubs' roster speaks to exactly what this team's problem is: there is no consistency. Sure, there are good stretches but collectively, the rosters that Hoyer has constructed season after season have proven to be bad. 2024 is shaping up to be much of the same in that regard.