4 emerging superstars the Cubs may have to be afraid of in the NL Central

The Chicago Cubs have a farm system that has to at least be in the top five in all of baseball, however, it's not currently bearing fruit despite the rest of the NL Central being on the rise.

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As mentioned at the beginning of this story, the Cubs did not find their names on either list of teams to improve by ten or more wins in 2024 nor sophomore players that should see a major leap in their performance.

That being said, Pete Crow-Armstrong is looking like he could be the team’s Opening Day center fielder and he is ranked as our top prospect in the organization going into 2024.

MLB.com has given love to some of the Cubs prospects as they have ranked someone from the organization in their top ten lists for right-handed pitchers, left-handed pitchers, catchers, first basemen, and second basemen. 

Beyond that the Cubs traded for a player that they hope will be their first baseman of the future (even if it cost them the best pitching prospect they’ve had since Mark Prior), and they still have 2023 first-round pick Matt Shaw, expected to continue his ascension through the minors and potentially take at-bats at third base this season at Wrigley Field.

So, while the Cubs don’t have any sophomores on this particular list, the future still appears very bright on the Northside.

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