3 prospects the Cubs should not trade, and 2 they should

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Trade: OF Pete Crow-Armstrong

That's right, I am on the trade Pete Crow-Armstrong train. I know that is not a popular opinion to have, but I think his trade value is through the roof right now and the Cubs should cash in no matter what their record looks like at the trade deadline. Crow-Armstrong is coming off a gold glove-winning season as a center fielder where he skyrocketed himself all the way to the top of the Cubs farm system.

He can run, field, and hit for contact. But here's the thing, the Cubs already have a guy on the team who can do all of those things and more. That guy's name is Cody Bellinger. The only difference is that Cody Bellinger is a proven big league player who has won Rookie of the Year, an MVP, a gold glove, and a World Series. I am more willing to gamble on Bellinger than I am with Crow-Armstrong so I say extend the former and trade the latter.