3 Chicago Cubs storylines to watch for during the second half of the season

The Chicago Cubs begin an important stretch of games on Friday as they start the second half of their season with a weekend series against the Boston Red Sox.

Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees
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3 Chicago Cubs Storylines to follow in the second half of the season - Will David Ross' job security come into question?

The Chicago Cubs' front office is still saying all the right things about manager David Ross. Despite there being clear inconsistencies with Ross' in-game managerial decisions, the team still thinks highly of their manager.

While the jury is still out on Ross, one thing that has to happen before a decision is made is that the team's front office has to give him a roster of the most talented players. Ross routinely being forced to play Miles Mastrobuoni is a decision where his hands may have been tied given the misevaluations that the front office made at the end of the roster. Ditto for the bullpen as the team could not have projected the regressions of Keegan Thompson and Brandon Hughes.

If the front office decides to add at the deadline and the team comes up short, the blame may be placed on Ross. Still, it remains unlikely that any managerial change would happen after this season.