Cubs News: Like it or not, the Cubs are going to run it back again

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If you think the Cubs are going to make big changes this winter, think again.

We are heading into the third offseason where the Chicago Cubs clearly need a shake-up in regards to their roster. With the 2021 offseason looming, in which the core group of players will all become free agents, the team is in a tricky spot. There are many ways they could play out. Theo Epstein could try to start trading some of those core guys if they don’t believe they can re-sign them. Or they could run it back one more year and see what happens in 2021.

Now I don’t believe that running it back and not making any major changes is the right thing to do, but I believe that is what’s going to happen. The Cubs are going to be walking a tight rope because there could be a huge talent drop off in 2021 if they can’t get some of these players to return.

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Heading into 2021, according to Fangraphs, the Cubs are projected a middle-of-the-pack club according to wins above replacement. With the expanded postseason field of 14 teams next year, that, once again, puts them in the hunt for October.

Again. Roll the dice as things currently stand and we’ll get to watch the Cubs after the regular season ends next year. At least, that’s how it looks. With many teams not looking to spend big this winter, there could be stiff competition to round out rosters. Chicago primarily needs pitching and probably a second baseman.

Now I don’t really agree with running it back again in 2021 but it seems like the most likely thing to happen. We have seen what this team has done these last few seasons. They are super streaky. For a few weeks, the offense looks like it’s fixed and they are scoring runs like crazy. Then, the offense goes cold.

Even with the Cubs bringing back the same group next year, they will most likely be a competitive team in 2021. They just won the division in the shortened 2020 campaign, with almost the entire core turning in the worst performance of their career. The division is up for grabs more than it has been in years. With the Cardinals and Brewers not wanting to spend money, the Reds losing Trevor Bauer and the Pirates being in a full rebuild, the North Siders could easily win the division again next year.

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We will see what happens this offseason, but I fully expect the club to run it back for one more year and see what happens.