Cubs News: David Ross is a solid candidate for Manager of the Year

David Ross, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
David Ross, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

There was always faith that new Chicago Cubs skip David Ross would do an excellent job for his old team. Now Ross is a viable candidate for Manager of the Year.

Think about the adversity the Chicago Cubs, David Ross, and MLB faced this season for just a moment:

  • Pandemic
  • Players/staff infected with COVID-19 virus
  • No fans in stadiums
  • Short Season
  • New game rules (extra innings, seven-inning double headers)
  • Quarantine
  • First-time manager
  • Expectations
  • Accountability
  • Offensive production
  • Pitching issues (Jose Quintana, Craig Kimbrel)
  • Player issues (Kris Bryant)
  • Civil unrest (protesting)

While many managers have faced some of these same issues, Ross has taken the bull by the horns from day one and led the Cubs to a first-place position in the Division.  He has not minced words and has told his team plainly, they will be held accountable and he has held to his word.

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Players that have not lived up to their potential have been sent down or sent packing. Yet Ross has still found some room to groom and grow talent he believes will thrive. He has pulled starters that flop and put in newbies that have excelled.  He has shown the patience and wisdom of a manager far beyond his years.

Where would Cubs centerfielder Ian Happ be without the faith of Ross? Where would right fielder Jason Heyward be without Ross’ strong presence in the dugout? Both players have shined so brightly this season, and a good deal of credit goes to the man making the daily roster.

He has argued for his players and been thrown out because of his conviction to protect his stable of horses.  Ross can never be considered sneaky or sideways. Ross is the Cubs Superman without the cape and will tell you honestly what he feels and how he sees it. He doesn’t pull any punches with umpires or his players, and this is all from a guy who just took the helm this season.

I can’t think of another manager who has brought his team to this much success so soon while facing such adversity and pressure to win. If there is a case to be made for manager of the year, Ross’ name should be in the top three of that list at the very least.

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Ross has shown himself to be an ambassador not only for the city of Chicago, the Chicago Cubs but also MLB during times of civil unrest in the city of Chicago.  Ross stood for peace and love during a time of hate and turmoil.  As a writer and fan, I couldn’t be more proud than to call him the Cubs’ Skipper’.

Let’s hope MLB has their eyes open as well.