Cubs News: There’s more to the story regarding the struggles of Javier Baez

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(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /

After the Astros cheating scandal, the MLB decided to crack down on video use during games is now voicing his displeasure in the new rule.

It’s no secret that Cubs infielder Javier Baez is struggling at the plate right now. He looks lost during at-bats, guessing on the pitch far more often than not. For the first few weeks of the season, it wasn’t talked about much because people thought the former NL MVP runner-up would snap out of it and get hot at the plate. With only two-plus weeks left in the season, Baez is still stuck in that cold streak.

Going into this weekend series against the Milwaukee Brewers, Baez is slashing a dismal .196/.235/.357 with six home runs and 19 RBI. He’s got 60 strikeouts in just 168 at-bats – evidence of his free-swinging tendencies. Those definitely aren’t the numbers people expect Baez to be putting up this late in the season.

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Earlier this week Baez had strong remarks on not being able to watch video of his at-bats during the game.

"“To be honest, it sucks because I make my adjustments during the game … I watch my swing. I watch where the ball went, where the contact was. I’m mad. I’m really mad about that we don’t have it.”"

Baseball was working on protocols to help monitor players who watch video during the games, but with COVID-19 gripping the sport and the world at-large, it wasn’t going to happen this year. Players will have to wait until the 2021 season to be able to watch video during games.

Baez doesn’t think it’s fair that everyone is being punished for what the Astros did.

"“We didn’t cheat,” Baez said. “We’re not cheating, and we got to pay for all this. It’s tough … but a lot of players are struggling, too. A lot of stars are struggling, and I’m just one more.”"

Baez isn’t the only star to speak out on the new video policy from the MLB. Red Sox star JD Martinez has also been vocal on his displeasure of not being able to watch video during the games.

Now is not being able to watch the video during games the entire reason for Baez struggling right now? Probably not. I believe that it’s definitely a big chunk of the reason though. Due to how much Baez makes adjustments in-game and even at-bat to at-bat it is hurting him.

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With that being said it is probably time to move Baez down in the order as he has been batting third and fourth all year. Surprisingly the Cubs are still in first place with one of the better hitters on the team having one of the worst years of his career at the plate. All it takes for Baez it seems like is one or two good games then he will be back to the El Mago that we all know and love.