Cubs News: Looking to make a deal, but smaller trades in the works

Theo Epstein, Tom Ricketts (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Theo Epstein, Tom Ricketts (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs are looking to make a deal. The problem is it’s going to be ‘off the radar,’ and the blockbuster won’t be easy–if at all.

The Chicago Cubs have built a reputation for trades. Nomar Garciaparra. Reed Johnson. Milton Bradley. Okay, the last one isn’t one of those guys. But Aroldis Chapman was one of them, and he pitched his arm off. He later admitted that–but he was good at the time. So what do we have as far as players?

To be honest? Not much. The MiLB has emptied out. They’re quietly revamping the minor leagues, but it’s a slow process. And the Cubs? They’re either not trading, or willing to find a great deal on the players. Granted, they need to keep 2021 and beyond. Also, they can only trade from the 60-man player pool–but they can include a player to be named later. Look out for that. I’m just saying.

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The Cubs’ Ian Happ is crushing the baseball (.287/.422/.564). Jason Kipnis, as well. (.265/.413/.510). But you go down the board and they just aren’t hitting. And the scouts haven’t been there at the games. So they’re relying on past knowledge, video or both. Good luck with that. How many times have you seen somebody ‘get into a funk,’ only to come out of it? Personal relationship matters.

They’ve hit the halfway point, and it’s just not enough to make a blockbuster move. The smaller moves are fine. Steven Souza Jr., for example–or any of the bullpen guys–except Jeremy Jeffress, Rowan Wick or Craig Kimbrel. I know. I read it. The last five games he’s been untouchable. I’m just saying; he could be the glue that binds us–or a house divided. I’m betting on the former.

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In turn, I don’t believe that they would trade much if anything. Miguel Amaya, Brennen Davis or Brailyn Marquez are down on the farm. But to be honest, I don’t see it. Amaya is the ‘obvious’ choice because of its depth. But I don’t see that happening–not now.

I think the Cubs will stand pat and look to 2021 to make a trade. Besides, 2020 has been a wreck at best. COVID-19. Social injustice. It stinks, It really does.