Chicago Cubs: Fans know Steven Souza Jr. is no Nicholas Castellanos

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Chicago Cubs: Cost-cutting could prove very costly this season

So the Cubs show their cards to Castellanos and basically say, ‘we’re after someone cheap.’ Forty-eight hours later, the slugging outfielder signed a contract with the division rival Cincinnati Reds that will keep the ultra-hot coffin-lid slammer returning to the Friendly Confines as a member of the opposition, undoubtedly ready to unload against the Cubs. Great! Now we have to battle against the guy that almost broke the record for doubles last season!

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The four-year, $64-million deal given to Castellanos with the Reds was not beyond the Cubs reach had they made some moves throughout the season to set-up that payout. In the end, Castellanos was not after some $250+ million Jason Heyward payday, but actually a modest sum considering what he brings to the table. The current deal gives Castellanos $16 million a year which the Cubs could have offered as well, maybe offering a two or three-year deal at the same price.

The toothpaste is now out of the tube so to speak as the Cubs wait for Souza’s physical results. Castellanos has a pair of opt-out clauses in his deal, coming after the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Could he be giving the Cubs yet another chance to see the light and come around?  You know how it goes; spring training was alright and then the season starts and the Cubs are hot and cold. Then because of that terrible start, everyone is ahead of us in the division and finally Epstein will start to panic.

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That’s probably what it will take for management to see the light.  In the meantime, Castellanos is getting fitted for another “C” logo baseball cap; this time in Cincinnati.