Chicago Cubs: What could happen at this year’s Winter Meetings

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Chicago Cubs: As some of the free agent dominoes have begun to fall, the value of others still without a team seem a little clearer. Who will the Cubs be able to “afford”?

Here is what we already know, the Cubs will not be opening the wallets to give out huge amounts of cash this winter. As previously mentioned the top-tier free agents are as of right now out of the question of possibility for the Cubs. But what about the next tier? What will the Cubs be willing to actually spend?

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There are plenty of other free agents out there, including Nicholas Castellanos. The hopes in resigning him seem a bit iffy right now seeing what the likes of Zack Wheeler got and knowing who Castellanos’ agent is. Reports are still saying they are perusing him so the dream of that is not dead, but, still iffy for the time being. Especially with other teams with more open wallets interested in him.

Other names on the board like Yasiel Puig, Dallas Keuchel, Josh Donaldson, Corey Dickerson, Howie Kendrick and Madison Bumgarner, just to name a few, will be valued at different ranges.

Just seeing who the Cubs are “in-on” can say a lot about what kind of budget they are on for 2020 whether or not they actually sign someone during the meetings. Right now most of the “hot stove” rumors surrounding the Cubs are trade proposals but interest in some free agents whether bigger names like listed or much smaller ones will certainly heat up during that time.

Do not be surprised if a few cheaper players i.e. recently non-tendered ones are signed as well.