Chicago Cubs: What could happen at this year’s Winter Meetings

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: If the Cubs are really serious about trading core players, then the Winter Meetings is a time for rumors to really head up.

One of the things baseball executives try to figure out this time of year is what kind of condition the trade market is in. In the case for the Cubs, who have said that everyone including core players will be on the table, they will be evaluating the market very closely. A big shakeup could very well require the trading of a core piece and other teams know this.

There have been a number of (frankly awful) mock-trades proposed by writers and analysts trying to come up with what kind of value some of these core Cubs have. Willson Contreras and Kris Bryant are the ones who have come up the most naturally because of A.) Willson playing on a team with other great catching depth and B.) Bryant’s uncertainty when he hits free agency soon.

Just recently Contreras had been discussed in regards of interest and trade value by Patrick Mooney and Sahadev Sharma of The Athletic (subscription required). The report they gave out discusses the interest from the Houston Astros. This is just one example. ESPN’s Jeff Passan also mentioned in a recent report about the Cubs being as he quoted, “aggressive,” “manic,” “motivated” and “obvious” to trade some one.

Point being that they are not going to play conservative when looking for deals, they will be working to make one which is in their best interest. Moves can be made or the rumors and talks can intensify based on their assessment of the market for some of their current players. Regardless it feels like we will know more after these meetings are over.