Chicago Cubs: Top five reasons to still watch this weekend’s series

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: How will Cubs players react?

3.    The third reason I’m watching the Cubs take on the Cardinals is to see how the players perform. Will players like outfielders Kyle Schwarber and Nicholas Castellanos still give their all and try to break some records to finish off this season?

Will they get angry at the lethargic play of the rest of the Cubs? For the most part, the players will likely control their own destinies going forward. If they suspect they might be traded, this may be their last chance to perform at a level good enough to raise their dollar value and get them a job.

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This is where it will be even more interesting to watch; will Maddon rest all the stars and give up? It’s being reported already that the Cubs intend to do that. Now that these games don’t count in the ‘every game counts’ theme this season any longer, fans are beginning to see that these final games are about money and not baseball?

I’m too old to believe it’ll be about baseball so I’ll be tuning in to see if the Chicago Cubs will play for their fans or what I expect, sell out. I give credit to the Pirates, they were out a long time ago and yet they gave their best to kick our butt.

Sure it makes sense; the Cubs have to protect their guys for next season, no sense in anyone getting hurt in this million dollar business, for nothing. I get it; but this is the Cardinals. This is the very same team that came into Wrigley and basically told the Cubs to get out of their dugout. They made the Cubs look foolish in the Friendly Confines!

Where is the Cubs pride? The Cubs players have three games against the Cardinals on the road to show us the power of karma or money. The third reason I’m watching the Cubs versus Cardinals is to see if Chicago players show up.