Chicago Cubs: RIP 2019 Cubs – final thoughts on a forgettable team

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Chicago Cubs: A lot of things went wrong with the roster

I never felt that way about this team. There just seemed to be something missing from this group all year long: The magic from the previous few years seems to have disappeared. The numbers say that Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Javier Baez had great years, yet no one could seem to come up with that clutch hit when the team needed it.

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Meanwhile, many players such as Jon Lester and Jose Quintana just flat-out underachieved. And the Craig Kimbrel signing, which was supposed to put this team over the top, has been a disaster.

Yet this season is also important because, in some ways, it reflects the end of an era. WGN will no longer be broadcasting games. Gary Pressy won’t be playing the organ anymore. Joe Maddon, the manager that finally brought the North Side of Chicago its long-awaited championship, likely will be gone after a five-year run.

And it may be that we’ve seen the last of many players that were a part of this Cubs era of success, as it’s hard not to envision big changes to the roster upcoming.

So, when the final out is made in St. Louis on Sunday and the 2019 Chicago Cubs season is finally in the books, I will breathe a big sigh of relief. However, despite all the difficult losses and frustrating moments, it remains to be seen what this team’s legacy will be.

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Was this the end of the Joe Maddon era? Will there be a big shake-up of the roster? Are we heading back into the wilderness after a great five-year run? Or was this season just a bump in the road towards bringing the Chicago Cubs back to success in 2020 and beyond? I think we’ll all be anxious to find out.