Chicago Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber’s walk-off sets Twitter on fire

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Chicago Cubs: Mai Tai Guy becomes social media villain

This time the Cubs needed to score, and Kyle Schwarber was ready to deliver. Crushing the first walk-off home run of his career, Schwarber smiled as Wrigley Field fans went crazy. Not four days earlier, Schwarber had been on the hot seat with more than a dozen articles pointing to him being the first person Theo Epstein, President of Chicago Cubs baseball operations, was probably going to trade.

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The air was thick with drama when Schwarber’s ball landed in one of the over-hanging baskets and a guy with a jersey that read, “Mai Tai Guy” on the back, scooped up the prize. Standing next to “Mai Tai Guy” were a few little kids who couldn’t reach that far down into the basket to retrieve the home run ball.

“Mai Tai Guy” snagged up the ball like Anthony Rizzo playing the bunt and gave the fans a quick flash of the jewel before going to celebrate with his friend.

Chicago fans were in an uproar again on social media.

“Give the kids the ball!”

“Mai Tai Guy – you are disgusting for taking the ball from those kids!”

“You should be ashamed Mai Tai Guy!”

Geez! I thought the Mayor might come out and make a statement at any moment! Chicago fans roasted the guy because of his jersey and his look.  They immediately condemned him as a bad guy, but he wasn’t at all. People started commenting on social media about the clip

It turns out that during batting practice, “Mai Tai Guy” gave dozens of balls to the kids in the area. He was another victim of a short clip on television and social media that didn’t tell the whole story. Before we roast someone in the media, shouldn’t we at least have all the facts?