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Chicago Cubs: Off the field, Yu Darvish fighting a different kind of battle

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Evanston neighbors of Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish have filed a lawsuit against the North Side hurler and his spouse for blocking their lake views.

Well, they are at it again. Chicago’s finest journalists have their Pulitzer scoop once more. Last year, this humble Chicago Cubs scribe told you the sarcastic tale of how the Darvish family was being verbally assaulted in the media by the people of Evanston. In my strongly-titled article in defense of the family, Leave Yu-San alone! I pointed out how ridiculous this whole story is and yet it’s back again.

The Darvish family purchased a beautiful lakefront home in Evanston last year. All of the properties in this particular neighborhood are historical, classic, older homes with open lots. There is not a lot of fencing around these properties, so when the Darvish family bought the $4.55 million mansion on the lake in May 2018, they decided to put a fence around the front and back yards of the six-bedroom, 5,400-square-foot lakefront home.

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Their intent was to put up a 6-foot-tall wooden fence around the property to give themselves some privacy but the neighbors got wind of it and took them to court.

Darvish goes to court for a fence

Reportedly, the Darvish family agreed to put up a 6-foot-tall fence made of iron so that the neighbors could see-thru their property to the lake. Later, the Darvish family attended a meeting at Evanston’s Preservation Commission where they sought and received approval for a 6-foot-tall wooden fence around their property, the exact thing the neighbors did not want. However, the neighbors were not at the meeting and as the saying goes, ‘You have no voice, unless you’re seated at the table’; so the Darvish family put up their privacy fence.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – this is news? Then why do I feel like a nosy-neighbor (again)?Yet just about every paper in town and even Chicagoland television stations have picked up this important story.

The next door neighbors are now also claiming that they have access ‘through’ the Darvish property to the lake by an easement but the city is not getting involved in that dispute.

It may be hard for mere mortals to understand, but sorry Evanston, Darvish is a superstar. He’s not the guy from down the street that has lived in Evanston his whole life and understands or respects the traditions of the neighborhood. The guy is a multi-millionaire; do you think he cares if “Luvy or Thurston” can’t see the lake from their home because of his fence?

The answer should be obvious as the guy went ahead and built a solid wooden 6-foot fence around his home. He doesn’t care about your view. What does he care about?

What he cares about is some privacy from the prying eyes of the Evanston locals and Chicago Cubs fans around the world. When Darvish comes off the road, he wants to spend some quiet time with his family and enjoy the $4.55 million view he’s paid for.

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Of course, if the Evanston locals only understood the ‘fence” was put up for their protection, they might leave Darvish alone. Maybe Darvish should invite the neighbors over for a barbecue and demonstrate how he practices his 99 MPH fastball in the backyard, then they’d understand a 6-foot-tall wooden fence around the property!