Chicago Cubs: Leave Yu-San alone!

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Chicago Cubs
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Since signing with the Chicago Cubs, Yu Darvish has become a favorite target of local media. Is there any chance this pricey pitcher can get a fair shake?

His on-field contributions, or lack thereof, have done Yu Darvish no favors. In the first season of a six-year, $126 deal, the big right-hander has pitched just 40 innings, leaving a hole in the Chicago Cubs rotation.

As if his baseball life wasn’t enough publicity for him, now, he’s in the news for off-field matters, as well. The city of Evanston has decided not to let Darvish build a fence around his new lakefront house. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Why do I feel like a nosey neighbor? This is news?

It took three Tribune reporters to track down this hot story so it must be news. Here’s the juicy part of the story as reported, hold on, stop the presses this is an exclusive here folks:  he can only build a four-foot fence, not a six-foot one. Why?

"“The lower fence is more consistent with the style and scale of the neighborhood,” said board Chairwoman Mary Beth Berns."

That’s good information to know. Perhaps we can have a double-story exclusive if the curtains don’t match the other homes in the neighborhood.

I say build a big dome around your house, Yu. Then, they will call it a “tourist destination” and stick a little camera icon on your house. You have to put up with the crowds but they won’t get through, “The Yu-Dome.” No charge brother.

But this is only another story on the bandwagon of bad news that has been at Darvish’s heels since arriving in Chicago. Once he was injured and made two trips to the disabled list, it only got worse.