Chicago Cubs: Fans will love the Cubs new musical show

Cubs Marquee Sign, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
Cubs Marquee Sign, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /

A new Chicago Cubs approved musical called, “Miracle” is trying to open in time for the first pitch of the regular season at Wrigley Field. Are the Northsiders ready for Broadway?

Now don’t expect Chicago Cubs second baseman, Javier Baez, to be reciting lines or serenading audiences in the new Cubs musical which is making its way to the box office in time for opening day at Wrigley Field. The new musical will not feature Cubs players in roles per se but will capture the 2016 World Series atmosphere that ran through Wrigleyville during that time period.

The title of this new Cubs-based theatrical performance is called, “Miracle” and is expected to run in the Royal George Theatre on 1641 N Halsted Street. The Chicago Tribune’s Chris Jones reported that the producer has been working on the show since 2016.

“This has been a long, arduous, expensive learning process,” said the show’s lead producer, the politician-turned-entrepreneur William Marovitz, who says he has been working on the project since the spring of 2016, in other words even before the Cubs won the World Series. He’d come up with the idea of a show about a blue-collar, working-class, Wrigleyville-dwelling, tavern-owning, Cubs-crazed family desperate for some success.

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How could Marovitz even hope to pull off a Cubs-themed theatrical performance without the endorsement of the owners? While there are plenty of fan testimonies out there, without the sights and sounds of the 2016 World Series, the musical would be missing a big part of what made this time so special for fans and players alike.

Marovitz knew he had to engage the Cubs leadership to get support for his endeavor and so the former Chicago-political-representative went right to Tom Ricketts reported Chris Jones.

“I took the idea to Tom Ricketts,” Marovitz said. (It likely helped that Marovitz represented the Wrigleyville district in the late 1980s and helped negotiate the deal that brought lights to Wrigley Field.) “Tom said, ‘Great, keep me informed.’ The Cubs have been totally cooperative.” Indeed, Cubs spokesman Mike Lufrano said in an interview that the Cubs were behind the show and have licensed its logo and footage from its most memorable year: “We appreciate how much our 2016 World Series championship meant to so many to of our fans, and we’re looking forward to seeing that expressed in the theater,” he said. “We’re excited.”

For Cubs fans, this is going to be a real treat. If you haven’t had the time to sit back and just let the World Series soak into your pores, this will do it. Sometimes it almost feels like gloating to talk about a World Series victory, but not for Cubs fans. The long 108-year wait has ensured several, if not a dozen years of celebrating, bragging and just being proud we finally achieved the ultimate prize of America’s favorite pastime.

For those die-hard fans and those that just want to relive the excitement of the 2016 Chicago Cubs, check out this musical based on the book, “Miracle” by Chicago screenwriter, Jason Brett. With such a rich history like Wrigley Field, Harry Carey, outfield ivy, Take me out to the Ball Game, Go Cubs Go and Bleach Bums – how could this not be the ultimate date night for Cubs fans?

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The show producers have said that if the Cubs win again, they may have to do an update to the show, which would be fine with me! My hope is that the musical sticks around for a couple of years or more so our out of town Cubs fans may have the chance to see it as well when they are in town.  Besides seeing a Cubs game, getting a beer at the Cubby Bear and buying some swag at the Wrigleyville shops, fans can now add to their Cubs experience, that magical feeling of 2016 when a “Miracle” came to the North side of Chicago.

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