Chicago Cubs: Big seasons needed, Andy Weber and more

Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel /Allsport
Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel /Allsport /

The Chicago Cubs are heading into this season with a very similar roster as they did last year. The bullpen will see some changes. But the everyday players remain mostly unchanged. So who needs to rebound this season?

It’s easy to look at the Chicago Cubs and say ‘Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant need to have better years.’ Yes, they do. And they will. But it’s some of the lesser known guys that will need a rebound season in 2019 for the Cubs to compete in a much improved Central division. Guys like Bryant and Rizzo will indeed find their form, again. But what about Brian Duensing, now that Justin Wilson is gone? And can Carl Edwards Jr. finally put it all together?

Quick, name the top 10 positional prospects in the Cubs system. No? It was easy a few years ago. Now, not so much. But Andy Weber could be a dark horse that could move through the system quickly. First, he plays second base, which the Cubs will need to start building depth at in the near future. He doesn’t profile as one of the top 30, but often times these rankings can change quickly.

The Giants might have the plan that solves the Bryce Harper fiasco. Give him fewer years, but up the money. It’s possible the Giants are looking at a lucrative short-term deal, possibly in the range of just three to four years. But it would likely take an AAV of near $40 million to get this done. So are the Cubs fans dreams about Harper about to come to an end?

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