Chicago Cubs: Four players that need to rebound in 2019

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Chicago Cubs
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 The Chicago Cubs appear to be going into the 2019 season with what they have. No megastar additions. A few new pitchers and Daniel Descalso. With that, who needs to have a turnaround season to help the team succeed?

When the Chicago Cubs unceremoniously exited the playoffs last season, many set their ‘Bryce Harper signing’ alarms. With a new TV network, one of the biggest markets in baseball, this seemed like a done deal. But we would later find out that wasn’t at all the case. Now the Cubs, on the cusp of pitchers and catchers reporting, with a team that looks very much like last years team. But is that a bad thing?

The Cubs won 95 games last season. That’s no easy feat. Especially with the injuries and down years that many of the key components to the previous year’s teams hampered their production. Of course, we could look at the staples guys such as Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Yu Darvish and more to predict the team’s success. Yes, they need better overall seasons. And Darvish just needs A season.  But these are players with experience, and I expect better seasons for all of them. Yes, even Darvish.

But there’s a there a few lower key players on the roster that are a MUST for the Cubs to succeed if they’re going into 2019 with nearly the same team. These aren’t your potential MVPs or Cy Young winners. These are the guys that must have better seasons for the Cubs to compete in a much improved Central division.