Cubs Rumors: Giants interested in Heyward, Harper still a possibility?

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Cubs Rumors
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Chicago Cubs: So there’s still a chance?

So is Harper coming to Chicago? If so, which side? Or is he headed to Philadelphia where maybe they’ll put a statue where Rocky Balboa’s use to stand? At this point, we’re all just guessing. Now, first know, I trust Charles the Cat as much as any other Twitter source. Why? Because I’ve seen him be right, or on the right path more times than not.

But remember, this is a rumor piece. None of this is gospel. He does believe that Harper’s camp will come back around and check with the Cubs before signing. Scott Boras knows the Cubs have the money. If they spend it or not might be a different story.

And it appears that the Cubs are not “100% out.” So whoever they’re dangling this line for–the fans or Harper–is anybody’s guess. But the Cubs are going to find it hard to “move money.” Free agents are signing cheaper and shorter deals, and are less interested in what the Cubs have to offer. I’ll be that guy. I’m perfectly okay going into the 2019 season with what they have. One caveat would be the position of backup catcher. But beggars can’t be choosers. But no Harper or Manny Machado? I’m chill with that. I’m counting on several to pick up the pace from last year, but I think they will.