Chicago Cubs: Why is Tom Ricketts ducking fans at Cubs Convention?

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Chicago Cubs: What is going on with the new Cubs’ Marquee Network?

What will the new Cubs’ Marquee Network look like? Who will carry it? How much will it cost? Why is there a partnership with Sinclair? Will it be available as an app? Will it be available outside of Chicago? What other programming will be on the network?

These are all questions Cubs’ fans want answers to.  The problem is, there may not be a ton of answers at the moment, or maybe those answers just won’t be forthcoming from the ownership group for some time. Either way, that’s another huge puzzle piece that fans want to know about in this 2018-2019 offseason. Without much action happening in terms of free agency, fans will hang on every comma and every word written or said about the new network.  Perhaps the Ricketts don’t want to give misinformation, or maybe all the details just aren’t known yet.

While fans are excited about this new network coming after this season, there is trepidation as well regarding fees and availability that the Ricketts should be addressing or, at the very least, attempting to quell.  Even if all the information is not known and the network is still in its infancy, there could be words of excitement and at the very least positive spin put on the network that some are already worried about.