Chicago Cubs: Will new TV network be a ‘marquee’ attraction?

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Chicago Cubs
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With their recent announcement regarding a highly-anticipated TV network, the Chicago Cubs are set to launch the next era on the North Side.

The Chicago Cubs recently announced that their highly anticipated new TV network, starting in 2020, will be named “Marquee.” The only questions are: what will this new network look like programming-wise, and will the new network be allowed to take off and flourish like the iconic Wrigley ivy does every summer?

The good news? We finally know that the new Cubs’ TV Network will be called “Marquee.”  Yippee!!! (Probably the most exciting offseason news this side of the announcement that Pat Hughes has signed a multi-year extension to continue broadcasting Cubs games on the radio).

The bad? We really don’t know a whole lot else about what the network is going to look like, how many games the new network will broadcast, how easy it will be for fans to see Bryzzo in action, and what they will do for the other 200 days a year when the Cubs don’t play. Unfortunately, despite the announcement that the Cubs will be splitting with NBC Sports Chicago after 2019, there still aren’t a ton of answers as to what this new network will look like, nor do we know what exactly they will provide.

However, despite the unknowns, we do have a bit more information to formulate some hypotheses and speculate on what the network might look like in 2020 and beyond. First off, we know the Cubs will not be sharing this new network.

The Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox all signed extensions with NBC Sports Chicago to continue their partnership; looks like there won’t be any sharing going on and the new station will be all Cubs, all the time.

This takes a decidedly different turn from previous speculation that “Marquee” could look a lot like the YES Network the Yankees own, as YES also televises Brooklyn Nets (NBA) games and New York City FC games (MLS).  Although, on second thought, maybe the Ricketts would decide to televise their new Chicago soccer team on the network as well.