Chicago Cubs: Why is Tom Ricketts ducking fans at Cubs Convention?

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Chicago Cubs: The issue Ricketts has no chance of eluding

Embattled shortstop Addison Russell will not be at this year’s event. The team didn’t even need to worry about that decision because he can’t be there due to his ongoing suspension.  However, you can bet your bottom dollar (and the Ricketts have a lot of those) that there will be lots of scuttlebutt about their troubled young shortstop.

Why will there be drama? Well, the Cubs did just tender him a contract in arbitration, and while it’s below market value, it’s still valued at over $3 million.  There just might be some groups and some people who aren’t very happy with that decision.  In fact, judging by fans’ comments on social media and a myriad of Cubs’ outlets, there may just be a majority of Cubs’ fans who would rather do without Russell’s services for the foreseeable future.

Is this a reason to dodge questions and ignore the same fans you’ve seemingly connected with in a very personal manner game-in and game-out? I don’t know.  I don’t know if this ongoing saga has anything to do with ownership’s absence (sure, it’s not the reason Ricketts gave on Thursday), but regardless, it’s a really bad look considering this issue is like an ominous cloud following the club around.