Chicago Cubs: No extensions? Not a major problem or focus for this team

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Chicago Cubs: Looking at it through a somewhat new lens

Kris Bryant is in a league of his own when it comes to the names mentioned above. The only other one even potentially in the same category has to be Baez, who put together the best season of his career this year – one that will likely end in his being named an MVP finalist.

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At his end-of-season presser, Theo Epstein sounded like things are a-changin’ in the offices at Gallagher Way. No longer are we making roster decisions based on promise – but performance. Novel concept – but one that’s overdue, if you ask me.

When guys are first breaking into the league, letting the hype guide some day-to-day decisions actually makes sense. You have to see what these kids can do at the big league level. There are going to be struggles. Accept it and evaluate accordingly. But with most of these guys now in their third or fourth season, it’s time to change how we look at them.

I have little doubt the Cubs are going to make trades this offseason out involving some combination of the guys we talked about. Happ, Almora and Schwarber seem most likely. Russell, of course, would be nice to trade – but I don’t know how much value he has given his suspension and overall poor performance in 2018.